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Library and Information Technology, Digital Services, and e-Resources


The Oshawa Campus Library has a colour printer/copier on the first floor, and black and white printers and scanner/copiers on each floor. The Whitby Campus Library is adjacent to the Computer Commons, where printers are available.

Students using the Library computers can select UOIT North as the printer and then release their print job from any printer in the Library by swiping their student card through the card reader. 

Students can view their print credit balance online at or purchase more credits at the Campus Bookstore.

Printing is provided by IT Services. For more information, go to their Printing page or contact IT Services

Photocopiers & Scanners


Photocopiers with scanning capability are located on the second and third floors of the Oshawa Campus Library. 

Photocopiers are coin operated and the cost is 10 cents per page. 


There is a scanner located on the first floor of the Library, in the lobby. Users can connect the scanner to their laptop and save scanned files. 

To use the scanning function on the Library photocopiers, users must save to a USB flash drive. Instruction are posted above the photocopier/scanners. 

All scanning is free. 

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