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Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship

This guide recommends resources for programs in the School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship including codes and standards, books, manuals, videos, and databases. To see resources for specific programs, use the left navigation.

New Online Safety Training Video Collection

SafetyCare DVDs (17 videos)

The Safe Use of Ladders (2011)

This program looks at the selection and safe use of laders in the workplace.

Head Protection in the Workplace (2011)

The head can be in the firing line of many potential hazards: Falling objects, slips, trips and falls, protrusions, flying objects, toxic fumes, noise levels, obstructed vision, chemical splashes, inadequate lighting, long hair.

Principles of Safe Lifting and Carrying (2010)

Demonstrates techniques for lifting and carrying to prevent injury to the back.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

The objective of this program is to explain the major hazard areas associated with noise and to increase awareness of noise issues in the workplace.

Fatigue at Work (2009)

Addresses the causes and effects of fatigue and suggests control measures that can prevent workplace errors and accidents and improve safety and performance.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are a major category of workplace accidents and result in a significant number of injuries.

Lockout (2006)

Cuts, burns, amputations, exposures to hazardous substances, electric shocks, asphyxiations and drownings are just some examples of consequences that can occur when work is carried out on plant and equipment that has not been properly shutdown.

The Prevention of Eye Injuries (2003)

Raises awareness about eye safety in workplaces where eye injury hazards are common.

Stop it Burning (2001)

This program systematically looks at the types of fires, extinguishing agents, types of extinguishers and uses of each type of extinguisher.

Confined Space Safety (2001)

Working in confined spaces could be very hazardous. Shows you how to take the proper safety precautions before entering a confined space.

Unsafe Acts (2001)

This training course discusses and explores the causes of unsafe acts in the workplace and determines what can be done to prevent these events from occurring.

Falls in the Workplace (2001)

The aim of this program is to improve everyone's understanding of falls in the workplace and to develop control measures that will prevent accidents.

Off-hand Grinding and Safety (2000)

Shows how to operate an off-hand grinding machine safely and efficiently.

REACH (2000)

his video presents a strategy of control measures to eliminate or reduce hazards in the workplace and the level of exposure. REACH: recognition, evaluation and control of hazards,

Foot Safety in the Workplace

This program addresses: why people injure their feet, common types of foot injuries, steps to prevent foot injuries, evaluation of foot injury hazards, control measures for existing hazards, safety footwear.

Solvents (1997)

This program highlights the major hazard areas associated with the use of solvents and increases awareness of the standards for worker responsibility in observing and being active in daily safety procedures.

General Safety & Workplace (5 videos)

WHMIS 2015 for Workers

Produced by Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (Ontario). Workers will be able to: Describe WHMIS 2015/GHS and why it is important to workers - Describe the hazards associated with chemicals Identify the WHMIS 2015 hazard classes and pictograms - Identify and apply the information on supplier and workplace labels - Describe the purpose, content and function of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Describe how to control chemical hazards - Describe legal rights and duties under WHMIS 2015

Making Informed Decisions: Workplace Safety for Young Workers (2015)

There are more opportunities than ever for co-op placements, apprenticeships, job shadows and internships. The importance of preparing students to work safely, as required by the Ministry/Department of Education, is greater than ever.

Don't Take the Fall: Working from Heights (2015)

Young workers learn the essential steps to ensure a safe work environment: pre-project safety checks, how to communicate potentially hazardous areas to a supervisor or team member, and the importance of using and wearing proper safety equipment. 

OSHA Construction Safety Video Clip Collection (2011)

Scenarios include: Fall Hazards: Reroofing, Fixed Scaffolds, Skylights, Floor Openings, Bridge Decking, Leading Edge Work. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Portable Gas-Powered Equipment. Struck-by Accidents: Swinging Cranes, Vehicle Back-over. Sprains and Strains: Pulling Cables, Laying Stone. Excavations: Trenching.

5S Into Action: Sustaining Results and Realizing the Benefits (2009)

This 5S video is a blueprint for building a Lean foundation for your business. Set in the 5S training room and on the shop floor. Concisely explains each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. Explains ‘why’ it is done and ‘how’ to achieve results.

Automotive (4 videos)

Hybrid Auto Repair Series II (2008)

DVDs and Streaming Video:
Computers and Cooling Systems - Brakes and Service - Battery and Safety

Hybrid Auto Repair Series (2007)

DVDs and Streaming Video:
Hybrid Safety Issues - Common Hybrid Components - The History of Hybrids

Auto Shop Safety (2005)

Shop Areas and the Car Lift (3:27) -- Working With Combustible Materials (3:10) -- Fire and Asphyxiation Prevention (3:26) -- Chemical Burns and Tool Use (3:11) -- Working With Power Tools (3:00) -- General Safety Tips (2:40)

Escape! Because Accidents Happen: Car Crash (1999)

Evolution of auto design and safety from the Model T to design measures still being developed.

Building Construction (6 videos)

Building Trades II Series (DVD) (2004)

5 DVDs: Interior Doors, Frame and Trim; Roofing, Siding & Finishing; Frames: Doors and Windows; Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish; Floor Coverings

Building Trades II Series (2004)

20 streaming videos: Siding & Finishing, Floor and Wall Framing, Ventilation, Thermal Insulation and Vapor Barriers, etc.

Tools of the Trade: Inside the Carpenter's Toolbox (2007)

Rough Carpenters and Finish Carpenters (1:53) -- General Contractors (1:02) -- Carpentry Materials (3:08) -- Construction Fasteners (1:04) -- Carpentry Safety Precautions (1:07) -- Four Stages of Construction (0:36) -- Planning and Drawing Tools (0:20) -- Measuring and Marking Tools (2:00) -- Cutting and Shaping Tools (2:21) -- Assembly and Fastening Tools (2:47) -- Experience and Education in Carpentry (1:02)

Residential Energy Efficiency Projects Series (2014)

Air Sealing and Insulating -- Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace -- Installing a Solar Hot Water System -- Installing a Solar Electric System -- Conducting a Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Efficiency (2015)

Delve into the green building movement, which promotes structures that use natural resources more efficiently while reducing environmental impact. Focus on minimizing energy consumption through a well-insulated, airtight building envelope; energy-efficient windows and doors; and energy-efficient HVAC systems and appliances..

Passive Solar and Net-Zero-Energy Homes (2015)

How much energy can you save with a properly designed house? Would you believe all of it? Trace the trend in passive solar and net-zero-energy homes that are engineered to stay comfortable year-round by exploiting sunlight in winter and shielding against it in summer, with minimal operating costs..

Crane Operation, Rigging & Construction Safety (9 videos)

Hazard Awareness in Crane Operating Areas (2005)

Topics include overhead powerlines, ground conditions, and outriggers. Examines load weights and crane capacties.

Cranes: Types & Components, Case Histories (2005)

Interior Doors, Frame and Trim; Roofing, Siding & Finishing; Frames: Doors and Windows; Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish; Floor Coverings

Hardware (2005)

Operation and maintenance of rigging hardware, including hooks, shackles, eyebolts, turnbuckles, sheaves and spreader beams.

Hoists, Winches and Related Devices (2005)

Covers: Anchorage points -- Chain hoists -- Lever operated hoists or come-along hoists -- Grip-action hoists or Trifors -- Electric wire rope hoists -- Electric chain hoists and pendant chains -- Winches.

International Hand Signals (2005)

Hand signals that crane operators and signallers need to communicate. Demonstrates the signals and corresponding crane responses.

Chain (2005)

Characteristics of grade 8 alloy (grade T) chain, how it should be used, and procedures for inspection. 

Jacks, Rollers and Related Devices (2005)

Covers the uses and safety rules for the following: Jacks, rollers, inclined planes, blocking and cribbing, jacking towers, portable gantries, skidding systems

Slings (2005)

Examines the most common configurations and applications of slings, giving a thorough overview of safety precautions to take when working with them. Also explains how to calculate safe working loads and reviews the factors that can affect sling capacity.

Wire Rope (2005)

Terms, classifications, and standards for wire rope are explained, and determining safe working load is emphasized.

Electrical (5 videos)

Electrical Safety (2011)

Occupations Overview (1:31) -- Free Electron Flow (1:47) -- Electric Shock (3:24) -- Electrical Safety in Hybrid Cars (1:27) -- Tool Safety (2:48) -- Soldering Safety (1:25) -- Electronics Safety (1:34) -- House Wiring Safety (2:02) -- Credits: Electrical Safety (1:44)

Tools of the Trade: Inside the Electrician's Toolbox (2008)

Measuring Electricity (1:02) -- How Electricity Travels (1:18) -- Purpose of Main Service Panel (2:02) -- Materials for Electrical Work (2:06) -- How Electricity Travels Through a Residence (3:14) -- Electrical Safety and Regulations (3:16) -- Electrical Work Tools (2:25) -- Preparation for Cable Running (2:30) -- Wiring Tools (3:47) -- Electrical Wiring Tips (2:02)

Motor Controls (1999)

pt. 1. Basic motor controls & relays (17 min.) -- pt. 2. Overload relays (17 min.) -- pt. 3. Time delay relays (18 min.) -- pt. 4. Schematic symbols (18 min.) -- pt. 5. Schematics and wiring diagrams (25 min.) -- pt. 6. Starting methods for squirrel cage motors (18 min.) -- pt. 7. WYE-Delta, Synchronous and wound rotor controls (18 min.) -- pt. 8. Installing and troubleshooting control systems (14 min.).

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

This video details the basic facts about how electricity travels. It also explains voltages and currents, electrical conductors and insulators. It then explains the 3 basic rules of electricity and goes on to detail how the body becomes a conductor of electricity, and the effects of various levels of voltage and their dangers to the human body. 

Industrial Electronics: Module 1

Reviews the description, function and nature of electronic components. Describes the characteristics of integrated circuits and the learner is practiced in the identification of resistors and capacitors and in calculating metric and soft-metric values. Covers methods used to calculate voltage, peak-to-peak and RMS values.

Gas & HVAC (5 videos)

Residential Heating and Ventilation (2008)

Overview (1:45) -- Force Air Gas Furnace Operating System (3:22) -- Gas Furnace: Gas Valve, Burner, and Spark Plugs (1:57) -- Gas Furnace: Heat Exchanger (1:35) -- High-Efficiency Furnaces (1:29) -- Hot Air Systems (2:10) -- Gas Furnace: Blower, Filter, and Humidifier (1:16) -- Parts of a Control Circuit in Gas Furnace (0:41) -- Heating System Cycle (1:54) -- Fuel Oil Heating System (2:17) -- Electric Heat Systems (0:45) -- Hot Water Distribution Systems (1:23) -- Solar Heat Systems (0:39) -- HVAC Building Automation (0:56)

Mechanicals: Rough-in and Final (2005)

- Elements of Heating
- Heat Delivery Systems
- Installation of Air and Heating System
- Ducts Deliver Cool or Hot Air
- Factors of a Comfortable Home

How a Furnace is Made (2015)

Home Heating Experts (2:07) -- Temperature Overshoots (3:25) -- Heat Exchange Technology (3:08) -- Modulating Furnace System (3:14) -- Assembly and Quality Control (2:03) -- Testing Process (2:52) -- Engineering for Service (2:04) -- Home Energy Efficiency (2:37) -- Credits: How A Furnace Is Made: Made To Renovate (0:30)

Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace (2014)

Getting Started (1:46) -- Identify Furnace Upgrade Equipment Options (3:18) -- Safety During Installation (0:47) -- Remove the Existing Unit (1:45) -- Install the New Furnace (0:55) -- Complete the Connections and Test (3:51) -- Testing and Homeowner Training (0:00) -- Credits: Upgrading a Forced Air Furnace: Residential Energy Efficiency Projects (1:25)

Residential Air Conditioning (2008)

AC System Overview (1:23) -- Principles of Residential AC Systems (1:49) ) -- Filling and Recharging (1:10) -- Refrigeration Cycle (1:28) -- Condenser and Compressor (3:27) --  Lines (2:53) -- Evaporator (0:37) --  Measuring Refrigerant (1:35) -- Electrical Controls (1:26) --  Heat Pump (0:41) -- HVAC Building Automation (1:04)

Mechanical (7 videos)

What Lean Means (2008)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers. This video shows you what lean means today by exploring its visible evidence and promise.

Incorporating Lean: From the Factory to the Front Office (2008)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Illustrates how the application of "lean techniques" helped SWECO (a global leader in particle separation equipment) to increase profits, improve qualilty, reduce costs and better serve customers.

5S Into Action: Sustaining Results and Realizing the Benefits (2009)

This 5S video is a blueprint for building a Lean foundation for your business. Set in the 5S training room and on the shop floor. Concisely explains each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. Explains ‘why’ it is done and ‘how’ to achieve results.

Cutting Tool Design (2008)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Explores single-point and multi-point cutting tool geometries as well as the machining variables that affect the design of cutting tools.

High Speed Machining (2007)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers. High speed machining (HSM) has steadily been gaining in acceptance with manufacturers. This is due in large part to the technological advances that encompass the high speed machining centers, tooling, programming and software.

Off-hand Grinding and Safety (2000)

How to operate an off-hand grinding machine safely and efficiently. Includes: types of grinding machines, components which make up a grinding machine, types of abrasive wheels, abrasive wheel identification, inspecting an abrasive wheel, fitting a new wheel, personal safety, dressing and truing abrasive wheels, how to use an off-hand grinding machine, sharpening a twist drill.

Powder Metallurgy (1998)

This program discusses metal powder production methods, mechanical pressing of powder, metal injection molding and hot and cold isostatic pressing.   

Plumbing (3 videos)

Tools of the Trade: Inside the Plumber's Toolbox (2007)

From plungers, to pipe wrenches, to Teflon tape, this program introduces each common tool of the plumbing trade with a brief demonstration of its proper use. Safety precautions and industry tips are provided as well, and four major types of piping and tubing—steel, copper, plastic, and cast iron—are described.

Plumbing: Rough-in and Final (2005)

This program looks at plumbing in its two construction phases: rough-in, or initial installation, and final. Details of water systems and drainage, waste, and venting (DWV) systems are examined, as well as tools commonly used.

What Lies Beneath (2013)

W5 takes viewers underground with a look at sewer pipes and the growing problem of gas lines punched through them.

Trades Fundamentals (1 video series)

Everyday Engineering Series

Includes episodes such as: Your House as an Engineered System: Three Structural Systems for Load Bearing; Platform-Framed Housing Construction; Everyday Thermodynamics: Refrigeration; HVAC; The Internal Combustion Engine; Torque, Power and Transmission; Suspension, Steering and Braking.

Welding (4 videos)

Welding Safety (2011)

This video covers the most important safety rules and protective equipment to use when performing MIG, TIG, arc, and gas welding. Welding helmets and their lens ratings, leather aprons and gloves, welding gas respirators, heat shields, and fire extinguishers are discussed, and various types of welders, including plasma cutters, are illustrated. 

Welding Safety (2010)

A series of interactive training sessions on electric welding, for both the professional and amateur. Covers electric shock, fumes & gases, fire & explosions, miscellaneous welding safety, and personal protective equipment.

Basic Electricity for Arc Welding (1995)

Overview of how electricity works in the welding process. Explains basic arc welder technology.

Welding: Binding Ancient Technology to Modern Life (2007)

See the countless applications and breakthrough technologies behind welding's powerful bonds, utilizing electricity, fire, sonic waves, and even raw explosive power.

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