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HCTM First Year Survival Guide

What is a Citation?

A citation is like a code: it identifies an idea that the writer has gotten from someone else.

A citation is made up of several key components: author, date, title of the article/book chapter, where the work appears, and page number(s). Essentially, it should contain all the information a reader would need to locate that resource themselves.

The format of a given citation will be dictated by the type of resource it is.

How Do I Cite?

Good question! And the answer to it is that it depends.

The format of your citations will vary depending on:

  • the work that you're citing
  • the citation style (ex. MLA, IEEE, ASME, APA) that you're using
  • the citation style that your professor prefers you use

The Library has created the series of citation guides to help you navigate the world of citation.

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