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Animal Care

About the Animal Care Research Guide

This is a guide to recommended library resources, in various formats, for those doing research in the subject area of Animal Care. Browse through different types of resources using the left navigation. 

Quick Links to Resources

Most popular databases in this area:
Other recommended databases:

Creating your Search:

How to search for Library resources:

Select 2-5 keywords that describe your topic. Combine them by using the connectors (boolean operators) found in the table below.

The library catalogue and databases use this type of logic to search.





To narrow

online AND privacy ...results must include BOTH words used in the search


To broaden

internet OR online ...results will include EITHER word from the search


To limit

NOT email ...results will NOT include the word 'email'

“ ”

To search for a phrase

"privacy settings" ...retrieves the enclosed words as a package


For alternate spellings

e?mail ...retrieves e-mail or email

* or $

For different word endings

protect* ...retrieves protect, protection, protected, etc. 

Creative Commons License

This guide was created by Durham College Libraries and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License, except where otherwise noted. 

Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License

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