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Chocolate Confection And Decoration

Chocolate Confection And Decoration


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Featured Video

Careers to Consider: The Hospitality Industry (23:00)

Hospitality: it’s one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, encompassing a wide variety of occupations and career paths. This program illustrates the exciting opportunities offered by the industry and shows how job seekers with almost any skill set or educational background can find success in the field. Viewers are introduced to three main areas of expertise—hotel management, culinary arts, and tourism—with detailed explanations of important jobs in each. The challenges of working as a hotel general manager, business center supervisor, front desk supervisor, executive chef, food scientist, professional food server, commercial pilot, bed-and-breakfast innkeeper, and cruise ship manager are revealed with the help of expert interviews and high-energy visuals. Smart ways to develop promising career paths are also explored.

Featured Video

History of American Cuisine (22:00)

This video explores America’s rich culinary heritage and looks at the many types of foods that Americans eat. Beginning with recipes that developed when Native American and colonial European cultures met, the program describes the cookery of the New England coast, Deep South, Midwest, Southwest, and Pacific Coast. The dazzling variety of styles that have shaped American cuisine—including African, Chinese, and other influences—are described in detail, along with uniquely American inventions such as fast food. The program concludes with the ultimate American cooking style: California’s fusion cuisine. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.

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