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English Language Learning

English language learning resources available through Durham College Library and library help for students in English Language Centre programs.

Find Books and Articles

The Library's search tool is called Omni Search. You can find it on the Library home page

Image of omni search bar

Use this search box to find books, eBooks, journal articles and other sources. 

How would you search for this topic?

"How can people protect their privacy on the internet?"


Start with a simple search: internet privacy protect

Image of omni search bar

On the search results page, choose the type of source you want. 

To view books only, choose Resource Type then Books / eBooks

Image of search results

This is a print book, not an eBook. Click on the title to get more information. 

Image of search result

The book is located at the North Oshawa Library, which is the only library on the North Oshawa campus. It's on the 2nd floor. 

Image of book location

How do you find the book on the shelf? Use the call number: K36254.C65 S43 2008

The book will be labeled with this number on the shelf:

Here is how the call number works:

K - Follow the alphabet to the K section. ► A, B, C, D, E...

3264 - Follow the numbers until you reach 3264. ► K1, K2, K3... K100... K1000... K3000... K3264

C -  Follow the alphabet again. ► K3264.A... K2364.B... K3264.C

65 - Back to numbers. ►  K3264.C11... K3264.C27... K3264.C65

S43 - Repeat the last two steps. 

2008 - This is the year the book was published. 


You can also ask a staff person for help. 

To view journal and magazine articles only, choose Articles

If you want newspaper articles, choose Newspaper Articles

Image of search results

Log in with your student number and password to access online resources like articles and eBooks. 

Image of login screen for online resources

Now you can read the whole article or eBook. 

Image of article

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