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Fine Arts

About Online Images

Unlike the databases available through the  Library, image collections freely viewable on the web have not been licensed for educational use by Durham faculty, staff, and students. Many online images are freely available without permission for non-commercial use, but many others require the owner's permission before you may use them. Before choosing to use an image in your work, it is important to read the usage rights for the image collection or individual image and, if necessary, seek the copyright owner's permission.

Saving images from the web

  • On a PC
    • Right click on the image.
    • Choose "Save to" from the dialogue box that appears.
    • Choose "Save Picture As".
    • A "Save Picture" box appears. In the "Save In" drop down menu choose the folder you wish to save to.
    • You may change the filename, but do not change the type of file. ie: .jpg or .gif.
  • On a MAC
    • Hold down the CTRL key and click on the image.
    • Choose "Save image to the desk top."
    • Open the folder you wish to save to and drag the image into it.


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