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3D Printing

How to 3D Print in the Library

Submit a 3D Printing Request

How to 3D Print at the Library

1. Create your own design, or choose from designs shared by others. 

2. Fill in the request form and upload your file. 

3. Approve the cost. 

  • We will email you the estimated cost ($1.50/hour) and print date. 

4. Pick up your completed object.

  • We will email you when the print is complete.
  • If you are located at the Whitby Campus, we will mail your print to Whitby Campus Library for pickup. 

Ask Questions or Book a 3D Printing Consultation

Email to:

  • Get information about the service and 3D printing in general; ask basic questions about 3D designs and print settings
  • Book an appointment with a staff member for a 3D printing consultation

Join Us for 3D Printing Thursdays!

Find dates and times on the Library's Workshops and Events page.

Whether you are a compete beginner to 3D printing, or have lots of experience, visit the Library to get help and access our 3D printers. In these informal drop-ins, choose what you want to do!

  • Learn how to get started with 3D printing: access designs, customize and create designs, and prepare for printing
  • Get help with your 3D printing goals and questions
  • Start your own print (first come, first served based on 3D printer availability; 3D printing introduction required)
  • Check out our Ultimaker and Prusa 3D printers to learn more about these types

About the Service

Cost: $1.50 per hour

Location and Printing Hours:

Oshawa Campus Library

  • Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
  • Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

3D Printer Models:

  • Ultimaker 2+, 2+ Extended, 2Go
  • MakerBot Desktop 5th Generation


  • PLA filament
  • File type: .stl


Image used with permission of Mohamad Salame.

3D printed stand

Stand. Image used with permission. 

Design by Chirag Paladiya. Image used with permission.

Design by Chirag Paladiya. Image used with permission. 

Design by Qingxun Zhao. Image used with permission. 

Design by David Acosta Laverde. Image used with permission.

Design by David Acosta Laverde. Image used with permission. 

3D printed PVC cuff

PVC cuff. Image used with permission. 

3D printed crank shaft part

Design by Parsa Vahid. Image used with permission. 

Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer

Ultimaker 2+, North Oshawa Library. 

3D printed bridge

Bridge Project - Bridge Truss by WongZCMS is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

3D printed chain links

Chain links. Image used with permission. 

Creative Commons License

This guide was created by Durham College Libraries and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License, except where otherwise noted. 

Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License

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