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Electromechanical Engineering

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

Article Databases

Subject-specific databases allow you to search within a specific subject area or field such as Engineering or Business. General databases are good for topics that cover more than one subject.

Engineering & Science Databases
Business Databases
General Databases

Trade Magazines

Selecting Articles

Journal articles are:

  • Written by researchers who are experts in a subject area
  • Mainly written for other researchers and students
  • Cover topics in depth and usually contain original research

Peer reviewed journal articles are considered the most reliable type of scholarly source. Journals that use this process have multiple expert reviewers evaluate and approve articles before they are published. 

Trade magazines are:

  • Written by people in a specific trade or career type, such as mechanical engineering
  • Contain useful information for people in that trade or career type
  • May include industry news and trends, technical information, and information about products
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