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Research Data Management

Research Data Management Benefits

There are many reasons to make your research data available for re-use by other researchers:

  • To fulfill journal or funding agency requirements
  • To increase the visibility of your research
  • To raise your research profile
  • To allow others to validate your results
  • To promote collaboration
  • To avoid duplicating data collection
  • To accelerate scientific progress

Research Data Management Repositories

Find a repository for your discipline or contact your subject librarian for assistance in selecting a repository for your data.

Licensing Research Data

Licensing your data allows you to define how your data can be used. Note: You may only grant a  license if you are the rights holder for the data. Links to two commonly used data licensing options, Creative Commons Licenses and Open Data Commons Licenses, are included below.


For more detailed information, see "How to License Research Data" by the Digital Curation Centre.

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