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Multisubject collections

Graphics & Design

eBook - Introduction to Graphic Design Methodologies and Processes
eBook - Game Design
Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish
Author: Lewis Pulsipher
ISBN: 9780786491056
Publication Date: 2012
eBook - Packaging Design
Packaging Design: Successful Product Branding From Concept To Shelf
Author: Marianne Rosner Klimchuk
ISBN: 9781118358603
Publication Date: 2012
eBook - Sustainable Graphic Design
Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems, and Strategies for Innovative Print Design
Author: Stoltze Design
ISBN: 9780470640265
Publication Date: 2010
eBook - 1,000 Music Graphics
1,000 Music Graphics: A Compilation Of Packaging, Posters, And Other Sound Solutions
Author: Stoltze Design
ISBN: 9781616738679
Publication Date: 2008
eBook - Hotel Design
Hotel Design: Planning and Development
Author: Richard H. Penner
ISBN: 9781135140892
Publication Date: 2013
eBook - Stop, Think, Go, Do
Stop, Think, Go, Do
Author: Steven Heller
ISBN: 9781610583893
Publication Date: 2012
eBook - Graphic Designer's Essential Reference
Graphic Designer's Essential Reference
Author: Timothy Samara
ISBN: 9781616738778
Publication Date: 2011
eBook - 1000 Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Graphics
1000 Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Graphics
Author: Luke Herriott
ISBN: 9781616736392
Publication Date: 2009
eBook - Graphic Design As Communication
Graphic Design As Communication
Author: Malcolm Barnard
ISBN: 9781136477225
Publication Date: 2013
eBook - Web Content
Web Content: A Writer's Guide
Author: Janet Mizrahi
ISBN: 9781606496619
Publication Date: 2013
eBook - Graphic Design School
Graphic Design School
Author: David Dabner
ISBN: 9781118712016
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design
The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design
Author: Debbie Rose Myers
ISBN: 9781118714300
Publication Date: 2013
eBook - Street Design
Street Design: The Art And Practice Of Making Complete Streets
Author: Victor Dover
ISBN: 9781118418598
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Game Magic
Game Magic: A Designer's Guide To Magic Systems In Theory And Practice
Author: Jeff Howard
ISBN: 9781466567856
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Professional Web Design
Professional Web Design : Techniques And Templates
Author: Clint Eccher
ISBN: 9781305257528
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Typographic Design
Typographic Design: Form And Communication
Author: Rob Carter
ISBN: 9781118715819
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Event Design
Event Design: Social Perspectives And Practices
Author: Greg Richards
ISBN: 9781134497096
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Lighting Design
Lighting Design : A Perception-Based Approach
Author: Christopher Cuttle
ISBN: 9781317631514
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer
Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide To Careers In Design
Author: Steven Heller
ISBN: 9781119044703
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Signage and Wayfinding Design
eBook - Interior Design
Interior Design: Conceptual Basis
Author: Anthony Sully
ISBN: 9783319164748
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Discussing Design
Discussing Design: Improving Communication And Collaboration Through Critique
Author: Adam Connor
ISBN: 9781491902387
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Furniture Design
Furniture Design
Author: Jerzy Smardzekski
ISBN: 9783319195339
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Graphic Design for Architects
eBook - The Picture in Design
eBook - Design Sprint
Design Sprint: A Practical Guidebook for Building Great Digital Products
Author: Richard Banfield
ISBN: 9781491923146
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Understanding Video Games
Understanding Video Games: The Essential Introduction
Author: Simon Egenfeldt-Nielson
ISBN: 9781138849815
Publication Date: 2016
eBook - Beginning Design Technology
Beginning Design Technology
Author: Mike Christenson
ISBN: 9781317751519
Publication Date: 2016
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