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Public Relations

eBook - Public Relations Metrics
Public Relations Metrics: Research and Evaluation
Author: Betteke van Ruler
ISBN: 9780203877234
Publication Date: 2009
eBook - Public Relations Cases
Public Relations Cases: International Perspectives
Author: Danny Moss
ISBN: 9780203088982
Publication Date: 2010
eBook - Gender and Public Relations
Gender and Public Relations: Critical Perspectives on Voice, Image, and Identity
Author: Christine Daymon
ISBN: 9781136758560
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Public Relations
Public Relations: The Basics
Author: Ronald D. Smith
ISBN: 9781135089672
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Encyclopedia of Public Relations
Encyclopedia of Public Relations
Author: Robert Lawrence Heath
ISBN: 9781452240794
Publication Date: 2013
eBook - Pathways to Public Relations
Pathways to Public Relations: Histories of Practice and Profession
Author: Burton St. John
ISBN: 9781135107048
Publication Date: 2015
eBook - Evaluating Public Relations
Evaluating Public Relations
Author: Tom Watson
ISBN: 9780749468903
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Public Relations
Public Relations: Theory and Practice
Author: L. Fourie
ISBN: 9781485102632
Publication Date: 2014
eBook - Applied Public Relations
Applied Public Relations
Author: Kathy Richardson
ISBN: 9781136753800
Publication Date: 2016
eBook - Public Relations As Relationship Management
eBook - Social Media and Public Relations
Social Media and Public Relations: Fake Friends And Powerful Publics
Author: Judy Motion
ISBN: 9781135005986
Publication Date: 2016
eBook - Public Relations Ethics
Public Relations Ethics: How to Practice PR Without Losing Your Soul
Author: Dick Martin
ISBN: 9781631571473
Publication Date: 2016
eBook - Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns
Planning and Managing Public Relations Campaigns: A Strategic Approach
Author: Anne Gregory
ISBN: 9780749468743
Publication Date: 2016
eBook - Global Writing for Public Relations
Global Writing for Public Relations: Connecting In English With Stakeholders And Publics Worldwide
Author: Arhlene A. Flowers
ISBN: 9780415748834
Publication Date: 2016
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